The Grant County Board of Supervisors

has approved a 1% pay increase for

non-union county employees.

Each employee will get a one-time

lump sum payment of just over $200,

along with a 20-cent an hour increase

in their hourly wage rate.

It’s retroactive to July 1st. The raise

will be given to about 500 county

employees. It’ll have a fiscal impact

on the county of around $170,000.

The county board voted 15-to-1 for

the pay hike, with Supervisor

Mark Stead of Platteville voting

against it. Stead says he’s not

against employees getting a pay

increase, but he doesn’t think

its’ right that 20 deputies from the

Grant County Sheriff’s Department

get a 3% raise this year, while almost

everyone else working for the county

will get a 1% pay hike.


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