Motorists are being reminded to give plenty

of room to snow removal equipment after

a loader hit a vehicle on Monday morning.

The loader was removing snow at the time.

Grant County authorities say John Mowry

of Benton was operating a loader on

Lone Road between Platteville and Cuba City.

Mowry was pushing back high snow banks.

That’s when a vehicle being driven by

16-year-old Dominic Schaefer of Platteville,

stopped for the loader. But Mowry couldn’t

see the vehicle in his mirrors and he hit

the Ford Escape with the loader’s rear tires.

No one has been injured.


A woman from Montfort has been cited for

drunk driving after a one-vehicle crash early

Sunday. Grant County authorities say 51-year-old

Lori Shemak was driving east on County-E near

Stitzer. That’s when she lost control of her vehicle

and it ended up in the ditch. Shemak has also

been cited for driving with a prohibited blood

alcohol content and for failure to have control

of her vehicle.


A woman from Bayside is uninjured after a

one-vehicle crash Sunday evening on Highway-151

at County Highway Double-X.

Authorities say 20-year-old Christie Bailey lost

control of her vehicle when she was blinded by

the setting sun. Platteville Fire and E M S helped

at the scene along with Precision Auto.


And a woman from Platteville is uninjured after

she lost control of her vehicle Tuesday afternoon

on County-B, west of Platteville. Grant County

authorities say Linda Bottomley swerved to the

right and drove into the ditch when a turkey

flew out at her vehicle. Her Jeep Commander

has moderate damage and it was pulled out

of the ditch by her son.

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