The new health rankings are out for the

State of Wisconsin. Compiled by the

University of Wisconsin, it ranks the counties

according to Health Outcomes and Health

Factors. When it comes to Health Outcomes,

Grant County improved from the last survey

from 17th to 11th. Only Iowa County in

southwest Wisconsin ranked higher.


But when it comes to Health Factors which

includes behaviors, Grant Count was

stagnant. It stayed the same as the last survey, 

ranking 30th. Grant County Health Department

Director Jeff Kindrai says there’s one behavior

that’s a major concern.


At 27%, Kindrai says that means one-fourth

of county residents drink too much alcohol.

And that excessive drinking has an

economic cost of close to $80-million.



Kindrai says that $80-million includes

just over $55-million in lost productivity,

$8.5-million in healthcare costs, and

$13-million in other costs.


Health statistics show in 2011, there were 10

alcohol-related deaths in Grant County

because of excessive drinking, there were

just over 200 alcohol-related hospitalizations

that year, and just over 800 alcohol-related



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