Grant County Emergency

Management has a resource

center that’s open in Platteville

today and tomorrow at

Platteville High School. It’s to

provide help to people who had

storm damge from Monday night,

or who had a power outage. The

resource center will be open

Thursday from 9:00 am

until 4:00 pm, and from 12:00 pm

until 7:00 pm.


Platteville residents who’ve lost

food because of the storm, and

that food was purchased through

the Food Share benefits program,

they should go to the Platteville

High School today (Thursday 6/19)

for more information. You can

stop by the high school from

9:00 am until 4:00 pm. You can

also contact the Grant County

Department of Social Services

at 723-2136.


The Platteville Senior Meal Site

is open today (Thursday 6/19).

If you would like to reserve a

meal for today or are in need

of home delivered meals due

to the recent storms, please

call 348-8042 and leave a


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