Two people and a Grant County police dog

have been treated for injuries after a two-vehicle

crash on Highway-80 yesterday (Tuesday)

afternoon. The Wisconsin State Patrol says the

crash happened on Highway-80 between

Platteville and Livingston.

Injured are three-year-old (3) Melissa Martin

of Livingston, who suffered a large bump on

her head, and Grant County Sheriff’s Deputy

Ric Hottenstein of Platteville. He suffered a

wrist injury and bumps and bruises. Deputy

Hottenstein was taken to Southwest Health

Center for treatment, while Melissa Martin

was taken by the family to the hospital.

Police Dog Diego sustained a small cut and

a sprained leg, and was taken to the Family

Pet Hospital in Platteville for evaluation.

The State Patrol says 29-year-old Betty Martin

of Livingston was driving east on Clifton Road.

That’s when she pulled out from the stop sign

and into the path of the Sheriff’s Department

Ford Explorer that Deputy Hottenstein was

driving. After the crash, Hottenstein checked

on Betty and Melissa Martin, and then started

to direct traffic around the crash scene.

Betty Martin is uninjured. She’s been cited for

failure to yield at a stop sign.


Platteville E M S helped at the scene.

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