The Grant County Board of Supervisors has

approved a motion to take another step toward

making needed repairs to the Grant County

Courthouse in downtown Lancaster.

On a vote of 15-to-1, the board is sending out

a request for proposal to contractors to

determine what the work will cost.

The historic courthouse building is facing

some major maintenance issues, and

the building will continue to deteriorate

if nothing is done. An initial estimate

the county has received says it’ll cost

$2-million for the work…$4-million

if the county if puts it off for another


But the motion approved by supervisors

says the county can’t borrow money for

the courthouse work. Instead, Supervisor

Mark Stead of Platteville says the county

should use the money it has been

paying for the Administration

Building in downtown Lancaster.

According to Stead, using that money

will pay for the project by 2015, without

having to borrow funds. The motion

was approved on a 16-to-1 vote with

Supervisor Vern Lewison voting against

it. He called the payment arrangment,

“too good to be true.”

The county has been paying $780,000

a year on the Administration Building.

But that loan has now been paid-off

by county taxpayers.

In addition, the county board has also

approved a motion that says the money

that formerly paid for the Administration

Building, can only be used for work

on the courthouse. That’s because about

$250,000 of that money has already been

used this year to pay for other projects.


Earlier in the meeting, a motion to do the

courthouse project and renovate the

Grant County Jail at the same time, failed

by two-votes. This means the jail renovation

project is delayed until at least 2016.   

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