After failing to get a vote on the issue last month,

the Grant County Board of Supervisors has approved

a new wage scale for county employees. It cuts the

number of wage scales the county has been using

from seven to three. County Board Supervisor

Carol Beals of Platteville is one of six supervisors

who voted against it.



Supervisor John Beinborn of Cuba City told

Beals the issue of longevity pay was discussed

for over a half-hour by the Executive Committee,

earlier in the day.  Supervisor Larry Wolf of Lanaster

also voted against the proposal. He pointed out

that a lot of employees aren’t happy with the changes.



In the end, the wage scale

was approved on a 10-to-6 vote. County

Board Chair Bob Keeney had written a

letter to county department heads about the

new wage scale, telling them that if the new

wage scale is adopted, no county employee

would have their pay cut.


There are separate wage scales for

administrative employees and for the

union representing the Sheriff’s Department.