The Grant County Board of Supervisors has

okayed three grants that will fund programs for

the SAFE Grant County Coalition. But not all of

them have been approved with a unanimous vote.

Approved are a $50,000 STOP grant to fund

efforts to reduce underage drinking in the

county, and a $125,000 Drug Free Community

grant. Also approved is a $500 grant from the

UW-Center for Ag Safety and Health, to fund the

annual, Rural Safety Day sponsored by the

Health Department.

Both the Drug Free Community grant and the

Rural Safety grant are unanimously approved

by supervisors. But approval of the STOP grant

is 13-2, after Supervisors Pat Schroeder and

Vern Lewison vote “no.” Supervisor Carol Beals

of Platteville was absent from the meeting.

Two tavern owners from the Kieler area spoke

to the county board at Tuesday’s meeting,

disagreeing with the methods used to catch

underage drinkers in the county. But in the

end, the county board approved the three grants

which are the principal source of funding for

the SAFE Grant County Coalition.


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