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Four people have been indicted by Federal authorities 

in connection with the death of a man from Boscobel

last January 13th.

Reports say 63-year-old Mary E. Grant, 46-year-old 

Brent A. “Tony” Venglish, 24-year-old Thomas A. Kussmaul, 

and 33-year-old Craig D. Bellis have been indicted after a

year-long investigation into the death of 18-year-old 

Jordan Faulkner. Autopsy results showed Faulkner died of

an overdose of morphine. The case is being investigated by

the Richland-Iowa-Grant Drug Task Force and the State

Division of Criminal Investigation.

Grant, Venglish, and Kussmaul were taken into custody 

last Thursday. Bellis is in the Grant County Jail on 

unrelated charges. The case remains under investigation.