The first Loras College poll of the

upcoming G O P Primary for U-S

Senate in Iowa shows a tight race

between the two front runners.

The poll shows 18.8% of those

polled would vote for former

ReliantĀ Energy C E O Mark Jacobs,

while 18.1% say they would vote

for Joni Ernst, the former

Montgomery County Auditor.

Morningside College Professor

Sam Clovis was third, with 7.3%

of those responding say they

would vote for him.

Matt Whitaker has 4%, while

Scott Shaben was backed by

just 3.5%. Forty-six-and-a-half

percent of those polled were

undecided. The inaugural

Loras College Poll survey 600

likely Iowa G O P primary

voters. They have a 4% margin

of error.


The survey was conducted

April 7th through the 8th using

telephone interviews, including

landlines and cell phones.


Bruce Braley is the only Democrat

running the U-S Senate seat.

It’s being vacated through the

retirement of long-time

U-S Senator Tom Harkin.

The primary is June 3rd.

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