If you like the Winter-like weather

we’ve been having, get set for some

more. We say Winter-like, because

Winter doesn’t officially arrive

until Saturday.

Zack Taylor with the National Weather

Service in La Crosse says the first

dose will bring us freezing rain tonight.


Because of the storm, a freezing rain

advisory has been issued for the Tri-States

from 6:00 pm this evening until 9:00 am


Mother Nature will give us Friday and

Saturday to clean-up that mess.

But then Saturday night, the region

could be hit with a major snow storm.

Again, Zack Taylor from the Weather

Service in La Crosse.

Taylor says there’s still some

uncertainty about the track of the

storm that’s supposed to hit this

weekend. But he says it looks

like at least some portions of

eastern Iowa and southern

Wisconsin will see some snow,

Saturday night into Sunday.

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