The Fennimore Common Council

has heard several recommendations

from the city’s Street Committee, after a

recent meeting between the committee

and the Amish community.

The issue…horse droppings being left

on city streets. The issue was referred

to the committee, after several residents

complained to the Common Council

about horse owners not cleaning-up

horse droppings from the street.

City Clerk Margaret Sprague says the

recommendations include hitching

posts throughout the city where

horse owners can tie up their horse

and then clean-up any droppings that

are left. In addition, marking a

designated route for the Amish to

follow as they come into the city, to

keep horses off of other residential


According to Sprague, what also

came out of the meeting with the

Amish community, is the Amish

didn’t know the City of Fennimore

had an ordinance that required

horse owners to clean-up the street

if their horse leaves droppings.

It should be noted, the ordinance

has been on the books in Fennimore

for close to 10-years.

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