Fennimore School District officials say

they reacted with safety in mind when

they contacted local police, about an

“unidentified man” walking around

for close to 10-minutes in the high school

building on Tuesday. The incident

happened after students had been

released early because of teacher

inservice. School Administration says

no one has been injured

or was threatened by the man when

he was in the building.

That unidentified man turned out to

be Mark J. Verhagen of Mukwonago.

Verhagen was later

taken into custody in Monroe County

on a disorderly conduct charge.

Similar to his appearance in Fennimore,

authorities there say he’s been cited

because he was loitering at

Monroe County businesses and

was acting strangely.


Fennimore Schools District

Administrator Jamie Nutter, says

two teachers asked Verhagen if he

needed help. Verhagen told them he

was there for a meeting. After being

asked what the meeting was, Verhagen

told the teachers he must be

in the wrong place, and he then went

toward the school office. He eventually

left and went out to his car and

drove off.

Jamie Nutter says because of the situation,

the school district will be taking short

term measures to ensure the safety

of the school. That will include

locking the front doors to the

high school during the school day.

They had been left unlocked

in the past, but were the

only doors left unlocked. A buzzer

system will also be installed for people

to sound when they come to the school.

In addition, someone will be

monitoring the front doors to

welcome visitors to the building,

and to direct them to the office.

Nutter says long-term security

measures will be made in the future.


By the way, at a recent Fennimore

School Board meeting, strategic

planning was discussed, and a

top priority established by the

board was school security.


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