The Fennimore School Board has

approved a Middle School and

High School project plan that would

add onto the Fennimore High School

building for first time since 1996.

Fennimore School District Administrator

Jamie Nutter explains what the project

would include.



Nutter says the remodeled library

would have separate entrances for

middle and high school students…

keeping the middle and high school

students separated, but still having

one library.


According to Nutter, what’s driving

the project is an increase an enrollment

at the Fennimore Elementary School.

So the district would move the sixth

grade to the high school building and

create separate middle and high schools

areas, with the renovations.



The proposed project would cost

between $5.5-million and $5.9-million.

Nutter says the Fennimore School Board

will consider a resolution at next week’s

meeting. It would be to put the building

project on the ballot for a referendum

in April.

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