What’s formally known as the Automated

Metering Infrastructure in Fennimore has been

given the go ahead by the city’s Common Council.

Estimated to cost $500,000, it’ll result in the

installation of 1,400 automated electric meters,

and 1,200 automated water meters at houses and

businesses  in the city. Currently, Fennimore

utility workers go to every home or business

in the city and manually read the meters.

City Clerk Margaret Sprague says the intial

effort will be to establish a timeline for the

project. That’ll include bidding the meters,

and buying the computer hardware and

software. The hope is to have the automated

meters installed over the next three-years.


Sprague says money for the A I M metering

project has been allocated  in the city

utility budget. That would include $100,000

last year, $275,000 this year and $100,000

next year.

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