The Mayor of Fennimore has again

vetoed an attempt by the city’s Common

Council to get rid of longevity pay for

city employees.

On Monday, the Common Council

approved a motion that would replace

longevity pay for city employees,

with milestone pay. It would take effect

next year. In addition, the longevity pay

given to Fennimore city employees this

year would be based on the rates paid

to employees in 2011. Estimated savings

to the city would be around $30,000.

On Wednesday (2/12), Mayor Stenner

gave his veto statement to the city clerk’s

office. Like his two previous vetoes,

Stenner says he is vetoing the motion

because he feels city employees are

losing too much pay.

The common council has failed to

override the mayor’s previous vetoes,

not having enough votes. However,

Monday’s (2/10) motion was passed on a

unanimous vote of 8-0. The Fennimore

Common Council could take up the

mayor’s veto at its’ meeting on February 24th.



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