It looks like the Fennimore Common Council

has done away with longevity pay for city

employees. On a vote of 8-0, the council has

approved milestone pay as its’ replacement.

The motion that was approved last night,

makes the longevity pay for Fennimore city

employees for this year be based on the rates

for 2011. In addition, the motion calls for

longevity pay to be replaced next year with

milestone pay. All employees who would

work another five-years for the city would

receive a lump sum of $1,000. That amount

would be increased by $250 every five-years,

if the person continues to be employed by the city.

As you know, Fennimore Mayor Chuck Stenner

has vetoed any attempts to get rid of longevity

pay in the past. Mayor Stenner says he’ll

review the milestone pay plan before considering

a veto. According to City Clerk Margaret Sprague,

the city would save just over $30,000 under

milestone pay, compared to the longevity pay

plan which had been in place.


In another issue concerning pay for city

employees in Fennimore, the common council

has approved a pay raise of 22-cents an hour

for non-union, city employees for this year.

Eighteen (18) city employees will receive the

pay hike.

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