The Fennimore Common Council has

approved the Fennimore city budget for

next year.

Expenses are up, to just under $2.8-million,

compared to a little less than $2.3-million

this year. City Clerk Margaret Sprague says

it’s because of a street project that requires

matching funds from the city.

The City of Fennimore will be receiving

a $200,000 Community Development

Block Grant for street, water main, and storm

sewer work on the Jackson and 16th

Streets project.

Despite the increase in expenses, property

taxes will be down in Fennimore next year.

The net mill rate for 2014 is $20.22 per

$1,000 of assessed  valuation. The net mill

rate this year was $20.34. As you know, the

net mill rate includes the city, the county, the

Fennimore School District and Southwest

Tech as well as the State of Wisconsin.

Sprague says the city portion of that net

mill rate is $6.98 per $1,000 of assessed

valuation. This year, the city portion was

just over $7.00.

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