The Fennimore Common Council will hold

a special meeting next Monday to come up with

an answer to the debate of concrete or blacktop

for street projects in the city this year.

The issue has been referred back to the Street

Committee to consider. That’s where the

committee will talk about the benefits of using

concrete or blacktop for the streets, versus

the additional cost. City Clerk Margaret Sprague

says the difference is about $100,000 more,

if the city decides to have the streets that are

being rebuilt this year, paved with concrete.

Sprague also says it’s not certain if the city

has the money budgeted for all concrete to

be used.


Meanwhile, the council has approved an

ordinance that calls for the change of

all yield signs in the city to be switched

to stop signs. Last Fall, the city had

switched about half of the yield signs…

this ordinance covers the remaining signs.

Sprague says the city hopes to have the

change out done by the end of Spring.

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