You’ve just experienced one of the

coldest February’s in the history of

Lancaster. The normal average temperature

for February in Lancaster is 22-degrees.

Not this year, according to Meterologist

Tom Stangeland with the National

Weather Service in La Crosse.



Twice the temperature hit -15 in Lancaster

in February, on the 10th and the 11th.

The warmest day was February 19th when

it was 44-degrees.

Stangeland tells us what’s been causing

all the cold air in the Upper Midwest.



You can be thankful for the northwest

flow of cold air today, because it’s pushed

a major storm system with snow and

freezing rain to the south.


While it seems like it snowed constantly

last month, that’s not the case. Lancaster

had just under 11-inches of snow in

February. Normally, the city receives

about 7 1/2 inches.


Warmer weather is expected later this

week with a high near 30 on Thursday.

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