A former Grant County probation

officer has been sentenced to 18-months

in prison on charges of misconduct in office.

Sherry Buswell has also been sentenced to

18-months of extended supervision.

Buswell was found guilty after pleading

no contest on January 8th to 21-counts of

misconduct in office. Forty-six counts of

misdemeanor theft were dismissed as part

of a plea deal. But they were used as read-ins

for her sentencing. She was accused of taking

money orders from probation and parole

clients and depositing the money into her own,

personal accounts. People who are on

probation have to pay for their supervision,

and are required to pay by using money orders.

Buswell was a probation and parole agent

for 16 years. She retired in January 2013.

She was sentenced Wednesday (3/19)  by

Judge Craig Day.

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