A woman from Dubuque is facing her

fourth charge of drunk driving after a

traffic stop early Saturday on Lancaster’s

west side. Lancaster Police say an officer

saw a truck driving north on McKinley

Street near Beetown Road. The driver

was speeding and the registered owner

didn’t have a valid drivers’ license.

After the truck was stopped, Police say

the driver gave a false name and date

of birth, her speech was slurred, and

she started to run after the officer went

back to their squad car.

The woman…33-year-old Heather Avenarius

of South Beach Lane in Dubuque…had

to be tasered twice. She eventually gave up

and was arrested. Along with drunk driving

she’s been charged with obstructing an

officer, resisting arrest, and was held on a

arrest warrant out of Dubuque. Bond for

Avenarius has been set at $7,500.


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