The Darlington Police Department is telling

local residents about a sex offender who

will be released from prison next month,

and will be moving to a home in the city.

Police say 34-year-old Ryan J. Larson will

be moving into a residence at 445 West

Mary Street in Darlington. His release

date is February 18th. Larson was

convicted of first degree sexual assault

and false imprisonment back in March 2004.

His victims included both teenage and

adult women.

Larson was sentenced to nine-years in

prison, and 11-years of extended supervision.

Special conditions of his supervision include

no, non-chaperoned contact with children,

and he can’t drink alcohol, use drugs, or

go to a bar. If you have any quesitons,

call Darlington Police Chief Jason King at

7 7 6 – 49-81.

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