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The City of Cuba City and the two Townships

that are part of the Cuba City Fire District have

reached an agreement on the purchase of a new

truck, for the Cuba City Fire Department.

The Cuba City Common Council has approved

the agreement, and so has the Smelser Township

Board. The Elk Grove Town Board is expected to

approve it next week.

Under the agreement, the city of Cuba City

will pay $270,000 toward the purchase of the

truck, with Smelser Township paying just under

$162,000. Elk Grove Township will have to

pay for just under $41,000. But if you do the

math, that means nearly $70,000 of the cost

of the new pumper truck is not covered.

The Pierce Pumper truck would cost just under


But that’s where the Curtis Fund…money

donated to the Cuba City Fire Department…will

make up the difference…up to $67,000.

The remaining $200 will be covered through

the sale of the fire truck, that the new one is



Still unresolved, is the dispute over the formula

for paying for new fire trucks for the Cuba City

Fire Department. It looks like the representatives

from the two Townships and the city will be

forming a committee to discuss the issue.

The present formula calls for the City of

Cuba City to cover half the cost of a new truck,

the Town of Smelser to pay 40% of the cost,

and Elk Grove Township to pay 10%.

Smelser Township officials disagree with that





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