The Wisconsin Department of Natural

Resources says charges of sexual assault

and for other illegal behaviors will be

filed against several individuals.

It’s after a crackdown on illegal sexual

activities at the Belmont Mound State

Park in Lafayette County.

Investigators say they found ads on

Craigslist, that portrayed the park as a

place to meet for adult interaction.

The illegal sexual behaviors were

apparently taking place in the restrooms

at the park, on the trails and in vehicles.

Chief Conservation Warden Randy Stark

initiated the investigation as a direct

response to citizen information.

The investigation included help from

the D N R’s Bureau of Law Enforcement

and the Bureau of Parks, the Lafayette

County Sheriff’s Office, Belmont Police,

and the local Lion’s Club who helped

with park patrols.

Stark says the goal was to identify

those responsible for the illegal

behavior, and to put a stop to it

in a family park where safety is

the top priority.

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