The Grant County Board of Supervisors has

voted to have all future county government meetings

be electronically recorded. The vote was

11-to-5 with District-8 Supervisor Pat Schroeder

of rural Lancaster one of the five who voted

against it.



Joining Schroeder in voting against

the motion are Supervisors Mark Stead,

Bob Keeney, Dwight Nelson, and,

Roger Guthrie.


The motion calls for the county bylaws

to be changed, so that the audio from every

county government meeting held in a county

owned or leased facility be recorded.

It’ll take effect after the Spring elections

and County Board reorganization

meeting in April.

The Board also passed on a voice vote,

that county government departments

buy a digital recorder to use to record

the meetings. Just two departments,

the County Highway Department and

the Aging and Disability Resource Center

don’t have a digital recorder.

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