Grant County authorities are investigating

a road rage incident which happened last

Friday afternoon in southern Grant County

near the intersection of Highways 11 & 35.

According to authorities, the victim was

driving west on Highway-11 when a vehicle

stopped in front of him in the lane of traffic.

The victim sounded the horn on his vehicle,

and the vehicle in front of him then went

forward. A few moments later, the vehicle

in front of the victim stopped again.

The victim again pressed on the horn on

his steering wheel. But this time, the driver

of the vehicle in front of him, got out of his

vehicle and punched the victim in the face.

The suspect then got back in his vehicle…

a Pontiac G-6…and fled the scene.

Grant County Sheriff Nate Dreckman says

if you are the victim of road rage or witness

road rage, call the Sheriff’s Department

immediately. The incident remains under

investigation. If you have any information

about it, call Grant County Crimestoppers

at 1-800-7 8 9 – 6 6 0 0.

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