With the change of leadership on the

Grant County Board of Supervisors,

there are minor changes in who will

serve on key, county government


Some of the changes are on the

Administrative Committee.

New County Board Chair Bob Keeney

is now the chairperson of that

committee. Returning to the

Administrative Committee are

Supervisors John Patcle of Potosi,

Mark Stead of Platteville, Larry Wolf

of Lancaster, and Bob Scallon of

Boscobel. Newly elected to the

committee are Supervisors Dale Hood

of Platteville and Roger Guthrie

of Bagley.


Elected by the county board to serve

on the County Social Services Board

are Supervisors Don Splinter of Hazel Green

and Dwight Nelson of Platteville.

Both were on the board to start the year.


Reelected to the Grant County Highway

Committee are Patcle, Splinter, and Stead

along with Supervisors Grant Loy of

Stitzer and Vern Lewison of Fennimore.


Reelected to the Ag, Extension Education

and Fair Committee are Patcle, Stead,

Guthrie and Loy, along with Supervisor

Pat Schroeder of rural Lancaster. Newly

elected to the Ag, Extension Education

and Fair Committee is first-time supervisor

Dan Timmerman.

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