A man from Lancaster is being hit

with several drug charges after being

caught with nearly 100-grams of

marijuana in his vehicle.

Lancaster Police say on November 30th

they stopped a driver for a traffic violation.

It was 26-year-old Josh Clauer.

While the officer was talking with

Clauer, Grant County Police Dog

Diego was brought to the scene.

Diego alerted on the vehicle for

drugs, so the officers did a search.

They found just under 100-grams

of marijuana, several prescription

medications, and drug paraphernalia.

in the vehicle. Clauer was arrested

and taken to the County Jail.

He’s facing a charge of possession

with intent to deliver marijuana,

three counts of having illegally

obtained prescription drugs,

and two counts for possession of drug

paraphernalia. He’s also been cited

for driving a vehicle without an

adequate muffler.

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