Clarke, Loras awarded grants to help create paid internships

Clark was also one of 2 Dubuque schools awarded nearly 285-thousand-dollars to help create more paid internships for their students.
Clarke University received more than 149-thousand dollars and Loras College more than 135-thousand from Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation.
Schools receiving grant funding will work with local business and organizations to create new paid internships and convert existing unpaid ones into paid opportunities.
A press release from Clarke states that the University also recently received a grant for more than 100-thousand-dollars from Great Lakes to, quote, “identify struggling first-year college students early and connect them with existing tutoring, advising, mentoring, and counseling programs that can make a real difference in keeping them on track for graduation.”
The goal of the grants is to improve graduation rates for students from low-income households, students of color, and students who are first in their families to attend college.