City government leaders in Lancaster

wanted the Wisconsin Department of

Transportation to answer three, key

questions last week. D O T officials

met with the city about the proposed

reconstruction of Highway-61 in Lancaster

coming up in 2017.

Will the traffic pattern be changed on

the courthouse square downtown, will

a roundabout be built at the intersection

of Highway-61 and Elm Street near the

library, and how much local input will

the D O T listen to concerning the project ?

Lancaster Mayor Jerry Wehrle says the

D O T is open to thoughts and ideas about

the project. Wehrle also says the city

learned the schedule for the project could

still be changed.


According to Wehrle, it’ll be interesting

to see if any schedules are changed for

road projects across the state, keeping

in mind the impact of this past Winter.


The D O T will hold a meeting next month

with the general public, to talk about the

proposed Highway-61 work. It’ll be held

on April 10th at the Lancaster City Hall.

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