The supervisor of the Fire, E M S, and

Early Childhood Education programs

at Southwest Tech in Fennimore has

been non-renewed by the school’s board

of directors. Rita Luna has worked for

Southwest Tech for the past 11-years.

The board made it’s decision based on

a recommendation from Southwest

Tech President Duane Ford. It’s part of

an administrative restructuring at the

school, to more efficiently allocate

resources. Starting July 1st, Ford has

proposed that Criminal Justice Supervisor

Kris Wubben will assume the responsibility

for the college’s three, public safety

programs. That includes Fire and E M S

services, and law enforcement training.

Administrative responsibility for the

Child Care Center and the Childhood

Education Program at Southwest Tech

will be internally reassigned to others.


Also part of the proposed restructuring,

are expanded coordination and

instructional roles for three teachers

at the school. They are Criminal Justice

Instructor Tom Kretschman, Lead E M S

Instructor Ken Bartz, and Lab Assistant

for Public Services and Lead Fire Instructor

Karl Sandry.


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