The Wisconsin Department of Public

Instruction has announced the certified

school aid that’ll be going to public schools

throughout the state. Both the Lancaster

and the Platteville School Districts will be

getting more state aid than the districts

received in the 2012-2013 school year.

State aid to the Lancaster Schools is up

just over 4% from last year, a gain of

nearly $225,000. The Lancaster Community

Schools will receive just over $5.7-milion

in aid from the State of Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, the Platteville School District

has received just over a 2.5% increase in

aid, or just over $7.5-million.


Among other school districts in southwest

Wisconsin, the De Soto Schools will be

getting a 16% boost in state aid, an additional

$400,000…while the Highland Schools

will see a 10% boost. Local schools that

have lost state certified aid when compared

to last year include River Valley, down

8.4%, the River Ridge Schools down 9.5%,

and the Cassville Schools…down 15% from



Governor Scott Walker has proposed

adding $100-million to school aid over

the next two school years to reduce

property taxes. If approved by the

legislature and signed into law, the

Wisconsin Department of Public

Instruction would recertify school

aid on October 31st. The proposed

legislation would give school districts

until November 6th to determine their

property tax levies. That would be an

extension from the current deadline

of November 1st.

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