A woman from Lancaster has been

sentenced to two-years probation and

fined $1,000 after being convicted

on a charge of bankruptcy fraud.

Fifty-five-year-old Bonnie Block had

pled guilty in U-S District Court to

the charge back on July 22nd.

The charge against Block came after

an investigation by the Office of the

United States Trustee and the F B I.

Federal court records show Block

filed for bankruptcy protection

under Chapter-7, on May 19th, 2011.

Authorities say under oath, Block

claimed that she had disclosed all

of her assets in her bankruptcy petition.

But after making that claim, the

United States Trustee found that

Block hadn’t disclosed a personal

checking account that had just

over $10,000 in it on the day she

filed for bankruptcy protection.

Federal authorities also say when

Block was asked about the account,

she lied about how she spent the

money. As a result, her bankruptcy

petition was denied by the bankruptcy


Block was sentenced by U-S District

Judge William Conley.

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